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How to Make Algebra for Dummies Work for You

Posted on:
March 29, 2013

Algebra for Dummies is a comprehensive book teaching about the basics of algebra while making simple all the concepts about it. However, for anyone to fully learn and understand Algebra, there are certain prerequisites that students have to master first.

For any student or person to excel in algebra, he or she should be adequately knowledgeable about certain concepts. Knowledge about the proper way of converting one unit into another is one of such requirements. Students should know beforehand how to convert liters into gallons and vice versa. Memorizing the metric to English conversions is also crucial.

But that wont be all. Even before one should try to read the Algebra for Dummies book, he should be confident enough to know the right order of operations and the precedence used for mathematical and algebraic expressions. These are where the parentheses, exponents, multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction are involved. Know which numbers you have to evaluate first, given a complicated set of mathematical problem. There is also what is known as the properties of roots, exponents, absolute value, and of the four basic mathematical operations. Everybody getting ready to learn algebra should be familiar with these topics as well.

Learning how to convert between percents, decimals, and fractions is necessary also. The fractional equivalent of a percentage and its decimal form should be second nature to students who want to excel in algebra. This is a pre requisite that you can find in several algebra worksheets. Practice your knowledge on these concepts to make algebra a whole lot easier for you.

With Algebra for Dummies, how to do algebra do become an easier and a more worthwhile experience. Find yourself enjoying algebra despite its complexity. With this book, mathematics becomes a walk in the park.

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Algebra for Dummies: Algebra Made Simple

Posted on:
March 27, 2013

Algebra is a subject that can be made easy once you learn all the necessary rules and use the right formulas. Some of the concepts of algebra have to be memorized more than understood. Keeping useful algebraic formulas at the back of your mind, ready for access when you need them, would help you speed up the entire process of solving just about any problem. Many algebraic formulas are useful even if you are not solving any word or linear problems at all. As a matter of fact, you can be doing something as ordinary as going on a road trip or planting in your garden and find the need to solve distance problems or area equations. Many of the concepts of algebra can be applied in ones everyday life. And it follows that the many things youll find in Algebra for Dummies will prove to be useful.

Memorizing the formulas about area, circumference, distance traveled, simple interest, compounding interest, temperature, the Pythagorean Theorem, and the solution to quadratic equation are going to help you solve even the most complicated algebraic problems in the easiest possible way. Try to tuck these formulas in your mind and youll definitely find algebra a lot simpler than you thought it is.

Learning all about the divisibility rules will also make your struggle with algebra a whole lot easier. Algebra for dummies will teach you all about these divisibility rules that would make solving algebraic problems so much faster. Simply memorize them and youll see how simple algebra can really be.

Algebra worksheets also come with the book. These worksheets are very useful for practice as it can make a student excel in all the topics explained and illustrated in the book. With Algebra for Dummies, how to do algebra becomes a simple task. Everybody can be a master of it, regardless if youre a student, an employee, or a plain hobbyist.

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What Can Algebra for Dummies Do For You

Posted on:
March 24, 2013

Algebra is not a very easy subject. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most complex subjects that students will encounter during their stay in school. It is such a great thing that Algebra for Dummies is created, which is a very easy-to-follow manual for students to help them understand algebra in a less complicated way. With the book, they will be able to solve a lot of complex problems and still arrive at an accurate solution each time. The book is also designed to increase ones understanding on how to do algebra and the different processes in which it works.

The book also includes algebra worksheets that will allow students to practice their new-found understanding of the topics as explained in the book. This book is written by Mary Jane Sterling, an educator who teaches in three academic levels: college, high school, and junior high. Sterling has been in the field of education right after graduating from college, thus giving her all the necessary experiences and opportunities to expound on the different mathematical subjects, more particularly Algebra. Sterling has been teaching for 30 years at Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois.

Algebra for Dummies comes in three different versions Algebra for Dummies I, Algebra for Dummies II, and Linear Algebra for Dummies. Each book is divided into different parts or topics so students will be able to understand the different concepts surrounding algebra better. Working on an algebraic equation is a lot easier now, thanks to this book that breaks down the topics into smaller concepts. As such, students need not suffer from information overload. Each book is over 300 pages long, written with the intention of making algebra a very easy subject not just for students but also for professionals, businessmen, hobbyists, and alike.

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Making Algebra for Dummies Work For You

Posted on:
March 24, 2013

For all of those who find algebra a very challenging subject, Algebra for Dummies is here to help. Let the book teach you how to do algebra in a way that is much easier and simpler for a regular student like you. After reading the book from cover to cover, you wont be vexed by the variables x, y, and z anymore. The plain-English explanation of algebraic concepts will guide you towards the most accurate solutions all the time.

Learn algebra explained in the words that you will fully understand. Practice your lessons with the included algebra worksheets so you can solve similar or more complicated problems with full confidence. With this book, you will be able to factor out variables, solve quadratic equations, and find your way through linear equations with full ease.

Algebra for Dummies is a pain-free way to learn and ace this subject. First off, students will be taught what numbers are and their different forms. Learn the difference between integers, both positive and negative integers, as well as rational and irrational number. Also, factoring will become a fun method for you with this book. Work yourself through prime numbers and all the concepts of distribution will full ease.

Equations will become an easy subject for anybody who is reading the book. The book is filled with many algebra worksheets involving the most common equations encountered under this subject like age problems, distance problems, work problems, and the likes. Solving these equations will be a walk in the park.

Lastly, and maybe the most important use of the book is that it will teach readers on how to put into practical use all the algebraic concepts that they have learned. With it, youll be more confident of your measurements, story problems, formulas, and graphs. Algebra can definitely improve your life for the better.

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Algebra for Dummies: Resource for Learning Algebra

Posted on:
April 7, 2012

Learning algebra might be hard and confusing especially to beginners. But we can be able to remedy this with the use of proper resources that would enable us to learn algebra in easier and faster way. We can refer to these sources as Algebra for Dummies. In this article I will be providing you with some of the best Algebra for Dummies Resources in order for you to find easier ways in learning this subject.

Algebra for Dummies: Algebra Websites

algebra onlineOne of the best and easiest resources to come by is Algebra Websites. These are internet sites that offer the basic and a very comprehensive information in Algebra such as equation solving, graphing and number systems. Some of the best website also offers programs, graphing tools, topic outlines, list of reliable resources and interactive lessons that can greatly help you out, these are also all free, so you dont have to worry about the budget. Sites may also contain algebra games and exercises where you can have fun and learn at the same time.

Algebra for Dummies: Online Classes

Another thing you can go for is going on free algebra classes online. There are a lot of class websites that offer materials such as downloadable lesson and exercises. There are also site like mathhops.com and algebra-class.com which allow students and teachers to interact through their community forums and share their ideas and questions pertaining to algebra. There are also streamable video lessons that would make you easily understand the topics being discussed.

Algebra for Dummies: Algebra Video Tutorials

Video tutorials which you can either stream online or download had become a really popular way of learning algebra. Lots of people prefer this type of learning as it makes it very easy to understand and it would feel like you are going to a regular algebra class. The video content is also created in a way to assist the viewers and provide the convenience in making the video lesson easy to grasp and view. Some of the websites you might want to try to get algebra video lessons are mathexpression.com, virtualnerd.com and lots mores.

Algebra for Dummies: Books

algebra booksOf course you also can take the traditional method of reading books for granted. In fact it is one of the most convenient methods to do. You can bring a book almost anywhere without any hassle; also you dont need anything else when you have this aside from a properly lit room. The only thing you need to consider when purchasing one is that it should be a right fit for you and your level. Choose a book that makes it easy for you to understand the lessons. One of the best ways to help you out regarding is researching online abut algebra book reviews and what people who are expert in these thing can advice on what particular book would be fit for you. You can even order the book online too so that it you need to go to the bookstore.

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Algebra for Dummies – Tips for Beginners

Posted on:
April 7, 2012

If you are sitting in your algebra class looking at your book, seeing the numbers, letter and the stuffs you normally find in an equation, you might be asking yourself if it is really necessary to learn algebra. We might typically say that we could avoid jobs dealing with the subject and therefore avoid having to learn it in the first place. However you have to realize that learning algebra can be very important as it has lots of applications in our everyday life though we dont normally notice it.

Regarding learning the subject, it might a bit confusing at first but once you get the fundamental concepts you can actually discover that trying to learn it isnt that hard. There are also different ways on how to learn the subject and make it easier. This article algebra for dummies would provide you with great tips a beginner should learn in order to learn the subject.

Algebra for Dummies Tip One: Learn your Multiplication Tables

One of the most fundamental concepts one should master before delving in the world of algebra is mastering the multiplication table. This is really important as lots of algebraic equations normally use a lot of multiplication than most of the other mathematical operations, thus making it easier for you to understand equations if you are already a master of multiplication.

Algebra for Dummies Tip Two: Understand your Lessons by Heart

This tip is really important, you need to understand that there are no shortcuts in algebra, and the concepts you learn from the beginning can be used and applied even to very complex equations. Thus, you should not take your basic algebra classes for granted, in fact you should take it a lot more seriously and learn it by heart, since this things will be your foundation in learning the more complex lessons on the subject. By learning the basic concepts by heart you wont ever forget the basics and can have an easier time understanding the more complex stuff.

Algebra for Dummies Tip Three: Dont be afraid to ask questions

If you are confused about something then ask other people or your instructors about it. Dont be afraid to ask questions because you are still on the process of learning. Keep in mind that the key in learning algebra is understanding the reasons for the different ways the equations acts, and this might be a bit confusing since there are lots of different ways it could act. Thus, ask questions and clear out your understanding.

Algebra for Dummies Tip Four: Practice

If you want to learn algebra you need to devote time for it. You have to practice and become familiar with how different equations work. You should also take the learning process step by step. Dont be in a hurry; you cant just directly proceed with the complex equations without learning the basic as youd just make your head ache. Start at the easiest until you master it completely before going to the next level.

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Algebra for kids – Algebra games!

Posted on:
April 7, 2012

If you are trying to teach your kids algebra, then you have to find a teaching that would be appropriate for their age and thus make them interested and curious in learning the subject. This article will provide with very suitable way in teaching kids algebra. We can refer to it as algebra for dummies!

The term algebra was derived the Arabic term al-jabr which means the reunion of broken parts. Some algebraic ideas have already been used even an early as the 1650 B.C in Ancient Babylon and Egypt and thus brought to Europe by the Arabs. Now, in our world today thousands and thousands of year later it is considered as one of the major subjects and foundations of every education. Thus learning it a very important task to get the education you want especially for kids.

Here are some great algebra games for kids:

Algebra for Dummies: Algebra Bingo

This game requires working out certain equations and then marking it off in their bingo board. The teacher will provide equations and the students should work out the answer to the equation and mark it on their boards. Kids would be given a minute or more before moving to the next equation. This allows kids just beginning algebra to work with just a pencil and a paper.

Algebra for Dummies: Algebraic Equation Race

This is actually a very simple classroom game, but offers the motivation for the students to learn and practice. Its really easy to do, there would be two teams composed of the same number of people, the teacher would then ask algebraic equations and the two teams would race who could answer first, once they are able to give the correct answer they move closer to the finish line, this process is repeated until one completes and finishes. This actually has the element of competitiveness which provides the kids with the motivation to learn their algebra.

Algebra for Dummies: Slope of Letters Game

This simple activity helps students to recognize the different slopes of common lines found everywhere around them. This game was actually an idea from Jim Wilson from the University of Georgia; the teacher would be explaining the differences between the oblique, negative and positive slope lines. The teacher would then provide a letter and ask the student the lines that make up the letter.

Algebra for Dummies: Guess My Point

This game is actually a graphing guessing game in which players are given turns to ask others about the different properties of a point in a graph. They players can either ask if the point is either positive or negative, which axis is it located or of it is higher than a specific number or spaces from the axis.

These are only one of the many algebra games for dummies that you can try out. This is actually a very good way to motivate kids and other algebra beginners to start learning algebra. This is also a very good way to practice and train the mind to process algebra more quickly.

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Algebra for dummies!

Posted on:
April 7, 2012

There are lots of people are really weak when it comes to algebra or mathematics. Lots opt to read books attend algebra classes, research the internet or perhaps do interactive lessons that can be found on some websites. This article will focus on teaching algebra for dummies. We will provide you with the things you need to consider in order to learn algebra.

Algebra for Dummies Tip One

In order to learn algebra you need to start with the basics. Therefore, you need to start with the easiest form and learn and understand by heart. Do all the equations that is related to the fundamental or the most basic of the algebraic equations and master it. once you are done with mastering the basics you can now go ahead and level up to a bit more complicated issue, once again you just to master this again and fully understand its applications after this you can now then repeat the process until you the most advanced and complicated concepts. This can prove to be very effective rather than dipping yourself with a bit of everything without completely immersing your mind and thus having very little understanding of the different algebraic concepts.

Algebra for Dummies Tip Two

Algebra can be mastered with a very simple equation. Algebra = Practice. This is definitely true, in order to fully master and understand very complicated concepts of algebra, one must experience algebra again and again until the understanding of the different algebraic equations become second nature to him and he can then easily respond without forcing the persons brain, as it would naturally once the person sees the equation.

A very effective to learn this is through writing the equations you want to learn on sheets of paper. Youve got to make sure that you write only one equation in one sheet. You the sheets youve written to practice the specific equation you wrote on the paper. Continue doing this and this can have great effects for you.

Algebra for Dummies Tip Three

Dont be in a hurry when trying to learn algebra, because if there are undeniable facts when learning this it would not being able to learn it overnight. Therefore, dont put too much pressure on yourself, and as much as possible relax and be at ease when dealing with the equations. Stressing your brain wont give answers, it would just make it a lot harder to think and understand what is really in front of you.

Algebra for Dummies Tip Four

If you want to be a good soldier, you need to have a good weapon. Therefore arm yourself with the best learning resources you can find. There are thousands of books about algebra, however there are very few that aims to explain it in a manner that is easy to understand, therefore you have to research and find the best book that would your mode thinking and become an effective tool to learn the subject. You may also join community forums where you find tips and ask for help in your struggles.

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How to improve in algebra

Posted on:
April 7, 2012

The concepts of math are seen to be difficult to comprehend; many regards math as a subject to the extremely gifted minds. This is overstated learning math is not as complex as people have made it to be. Algebra happens to be a part of math that is needed in every part of life; decision making and effective reasoning are based on the concepts of algebra. As an algebra tutor, when your students begin to ask about the importance of algebra in life, it is a sign they are not getting the best out of the class. You need to assess the way you take the class either the students are paranoid or they find the class boring. Once you figure out what the problem is, it is your responsibility as a tutor to fix the problem. You can ask them to buy a particular algebra for dummies book, and practice with them to aid their learning.

Math is required in every part of life, to survive in this ever changing society; your knowledge of basic math is extremely useful. Math is required to control expenses and budgets, and to help you with your decisions. Sometimes, algebra problems come as real life problems; students see themselves in such situations and apply their math skills to solve such problems. Basically, as math is essential, so is algebra the aspect of math that comprises of symbols and the basic math rules that manage their operations.

Algebra defines the procedures required to solve complicated math problems, though many find it difficult; it can also be very easy, depending on your knowledge. People exaggerate its complexity because they are not willing to dedicate their time in learning. If you are determined to learn how to do algebra, there are numerous tools algebra worksheets available online you can use to aid your learning. Work with different books (any algebra for dummies book), you will be provided with lots of exercises to work with. This eliminates the fear you have towards algebra and increases your learning curve.

But it is advised to learn basic math skills before learning algebra; lots of pre algebra for dummies textbooks are available that will guide you with the long division, and multiplications, the additions and subtractions. After which you can lay your hands on any algebra for dummies books. You dont have to memorize or cram the steps involved; the book will walk you through any obstacle you might be faced with. All the reasons behind each concept are explained thoroughly and accurately. You will learn different classifications of numbers, fractions and decimals, radicals and exponents and how to solve quadratic and linear equations. You will learn how to use graphs in solving equations, and importantly means of solving word or real life problems.

Learning algebra can be fun once you work with the right book any algebra for dummies book will be extremely valuable. It takes you literarily by the hand to shows you ways of solving algebra problems. You dont need to cram your way to success in class, once you understand the basics of algebra; you will realize how easy it is. Get yourself any college algebra dummies book to understand algebra once and for all.

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Solving linear algebraic equations

Posted on:
April 7, 2012

Algebra seems complex and overbearing on many, but can be fun when done right. Lots of students find its concept difficult to comprehend they hate the algebra class. It is down to their algebra tutor to understand their frustration at the subject and do everything necessary to reaffirm their belief. There are two ways a tutor can do this; allowing the students to use proven algebra books (any algebra for dummies books will do) or increasing their learning by incorporating algebra games into the class. One option that is quite affordable is the use of quality algebra books to aid the students learning. Quadratic and linear equations and graphs are concepts that students find challenging, but are important in their adequate understanding of math. Therefore it is always a good idea for their parents to assist them with any college algebra dummies books so as to help them know how to do algebra.

Learning the basics of algebra requires adequate understanding of the core math concepts long division and multiplication and others are necessary. If you find difficulty with these, you need to learn pre algebra concepts before going on to learn how to do algebra. Pre algebra for dummies is useful, if you are just starting out.

This article is written to talk about a simple and effective way to solve two or more linear algebraic equations involving two variables (x and y variables). The only way to do this is manipulating the equations so as to find a pattern. Substitution method (substituting one value of a variable in one equation into the other) is the simplest means of solving such algebraic equations. Carrying this out requires you to look for the common property shared amongst all the equations. This is achieved after lots of practice; you need to practice different forms of linear algebraic equations to master how to find solutions. Make use of algebra for dummies, or talk to your teacher, he/she will guide you.

For example, when you are given an equation like 6x 3y = 0, and y x = 1. It is easy to find the value of y in the 2nd equation; y = 1+x, to find the other value, all you need is to substitute this value into the 1st equation, 6x 3(1+x) = 0. As you can see, we have eliminated the y terms from the 1st equation. Solving for the value of x gives 6x 3x = 3, which yields x = 1. Plug this value into any equation and the value of y can be found (using the 2nd equation, y = 2). This method gives the accurate means of solving a system of linear algebraic equation, this example is quite simple, for tougher ones, consult your algebra textbooks.

There are other means of solving two or more linear equations; any college algebra dummies book will be helpful. If you hit the brick wall, talk to your algebra tutor, he/she will tell you what to do. Therefore start learning how to do algebra by consulting any college algebra dummies book, you will be provided with a host of means of solving different forms of algebra equations.

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